Thursday, September 17, 2009

yah for viruses

This week I learned about how to keep your PC safe from viruses. Thank goodness I have a mac. The most interesting thing about class this week was the 60 minutes video. The most disturbing thing was seeing peoples identities getting sold online. Identity theft is a real problem in this world, and I can now see why some one would want to get Identity theft insurance.

5 new words:



3.Mail flooding



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Reflection

Hello All,
This is my first reflection on my Intro to web technology class at NCCC. So far I have learned what is expected of me in the class (attendance, gradeing, projects......). All that good first week of school information. I have also started learning some of the course material. We just did a class dicussion on a video about the future of technology. The assignment is that you watch the video and then have and online discussion about it. I was reading other peoples comments about it and they all found it to be extremely informative and fun. I felt the same way about it, however I had some negative comments about it as well. I want to spark some conversation and discussion so I am playing devils advocate by chalanging the video.

I found a specific website we learned about interesting, its called, it has just about anything you might want to know about the internet.

five words I didnt know before: