Monday, December 7, 2009

Learning Journal 6

This semester went by so fast! It's hard to believe that this is my last blog. It brings a small teardrop to my eye. Doing my podcast was fun, it will defiantly be part of my final project. Podcasts are great because they can be about really specific topics. For instance you could never do a radio show about moped engines because in the small reach of a radio station their would be a lack of interest. If you create a podcast you are likely to get many listeners from all around the world who love their moped engines.
When it comes to web site design I learned that simple is better. The easiest most enjoyable sites to use are simple and strait forward. Just because you can put things on a website doesnt mean you should. Most websites are started with purpose, from that purpose a mission statement is formed. From that point the rest of the site is developed while always keeping that mission in mind.

5 new words
1. Usability
2. Applet
3. script
4. Activex
5. alternative text