Tuesday, October 27, 2009

social bookmarking

I would say that most everyone my age belongs to some sort of social book marking web site. Whether it is facebook, myspace, or twitter it allows us to communicate with people that we would otherwise never talk to. I never use these social websites for my close friends (I can just call them), but when it comes to getting a hold of someone that you have lost contact with it is super easy to track some one down and communicate with them. Another thing I use these websites for is looking at pictures that I have been in. Lets say that a distant friend takes a picture that you are in. In real life you may never see that picture, but on a website like facebook or myspace you can enjoy the pictures any time you want.

5 new words
1. RSS feed
2. social capital
3. glocalization
4. Netiquette
5. Flaming

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